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Why are small businesses so essential?

Community hubs, educational centers, inspiration sparkers, shelters from stifling cooperate blah- small businesses really do it all. Oh, and they sell things too! Usually really cool things (and services!).
As Walmart pushes out small shops and Amazon engulfs online commerce, small business need our help now more than ever. WCBC Review is one small way humanity is fighting back against the tide of big business.

Join us in supporting what makes our West Coast communities so special.


Meet Our Co-Author

Cardinal Marking

Polymath artist, entreprenur, and people advocate

Cardinal was born on the tiny island of Guam and moved to the United States in grade school. They have managed to cram an astonishingly wide array of experiences into their first quarter of life.

They love anything that brings them closer to others and to himself. Music, dance, cardmaking, marketing, caregiving, web design, and photography are among their many passions.

If you want something done, you can count on Cardinal to put in the work to make it happen.

Meet Our Co-Author

Kyle Wilson

Strategist, researcher, and big dreamer


Kyle has a knack for seeing both the big picture and the tiny details. Once he understands how a game is played, he manages to win 92% of the time. That's not an exaggeration- he has run the numbers.

Tracking, data collection, and system-building are Kyle's specialties. He has a vast knowledge thanks to countless hours spent falling down research rabbit holes.

That's not to say he's a emotionless Vulcan. Kyle has a deep heart and sees his mission in the world to be one of helping as many people as possible achieve their full potential.

Thank you for supporting the small business community of the West Coast.