LGBTQ+ Owned Business

Connective Therapy Collective – Caring For Employees

WCBC Review interviews Keely Helmick of the Connective Therapy Collective, a queer-centered, sex-positive therapy center. In this episode we discuss avoiding burnout, providing a space for like-minded folks to gather, and the importance of gender and sexuality training for therapists.
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White, red, yellow, and black clay

Courtney Clark – Sustainable Art and Mental Health

WCBC Review interviews Courtney Clark, a startup artist looking to escape cooperate jobs through the healing practice of sustainable art.
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A chalk drawing of one yellow smiley face about to impact four white frowney faces. This is the Power Of Testimonials with Logik The Salon, Portland, Oregon

The Power Of Testimonials – Logik The Salon

WCBC Review interviews Kimberly Ann Write, the owner and lead hair stylist of Logik The Salon in Portland, Oregon. In this episode we discuss the power of testimonials, how to adjust to cutting hair in a COVID world, and fighting against city changes that disrupt businesses.
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