Small Businesses In Oregon

Forelsket – Turning a Hobby into a Hustle

WCBC Review interviews Kirsten Kyllingstad of Forelsket. In this episode we discuss the whirlwind of starting a business, beginning to sell products before the website is finished, and turning a hobby into a hustle.
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Calibrated Concepts – Busting the DIY Business Myth

WCBC Review interviews Ellie McBride of Calibrated Concepts, a Squarespace web design agency. In this episode we discuss the myth of DIY business, setting up systems, and using tools to help your business run smoothly.
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Connective Therapy Collective – Caring For Employees

WCBC Review interviews Keely Helmick of the Connective Therapy Collective, a queer-centered, sex-positive therapy center. In this episode we discuss avoiding burnout, providing a space for like-minded folks to gather, and the importance of gender and sexuality training for therapists.
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Owen Professional Services – Sales and Self Doubt

WCBC Review interviews Chris Owen of Owen Professional Services, a fractional sales manager who wants to help companies train up their sales people. In this episode we discuss self doubt, and how the acclimation of our experiences leads us to posses more knowledge than we know.
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Miller’s Mobile Tax Service – Building Trust Through Kindness

WCBC Review interviews Gary Miller of Miller's Mobile Tax Service- A CPA who can meet you wherever you're at. In this episode we discuss growing through word of mouth, how to give outstanding customer service, and (of course) getting as many deductions as possible on your taxes.
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The Smile Lounge – Reciprocal Relationships

Watch the Full Interview with The Smile Lounge’s Andrew Henderson The Smile Lounge Interview Transcript Cardinal:  Hello, and welcome to another episode of WCBC Review, …

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Courtney Clark – Sustainable Art and Mental Health

WCBC Review interviews Courtney Clark, a startup artist looking to escape cooperate jobs through the healing practice of sustainable art.
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Stars Staffing Group – Business Startup During COVID19

WCBC Review interviews Alicia and Joe Vennes, the owners of the hot new companies Stars Staffing Group and Fox Face Systems. In this episode we discuss how to start a successful business during a pandemic, and the pros and cons of going into business with your spouse.
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Bald Guy Limo – Marketing Out Of The Box

WCBC Review interviews Dave Galvan, the owner and operator of Bald Guy Limo in Portland, Oregon. In this episode we discuss setting up a business on a budget, and using your hobby to market your business.
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A chalk drawing of one yellow smiley face about to impact four white frowney faces. This is the Power Of Testimonials with Logik The Salon, Portland, Oregon

The Power Of Testimonials – Logik The Salon

WCBC Review interviews Kimberly Ann Write, the owner and lead hair stylist of Logik The Salon in Portland, Oregon. In this episode we discuss the power of testimonials, how to adjust to cutting hair in a COVID world, and fighting against city changes that disrupt businesses.
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